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 "Being Qualitarian

means adopting a conscious lifestyle

benefiting yourself,

your body, and your mind

while respecting others and our planet" 

Logo du restaurant sans gluten Judy


Our dishes are created by Dominique Gassin, an Australian naturopath and founder of Le Yellow, who has instilled the Judy with her philosophy of quality.


Through the quality of her dishes, the purity of her products and the zenitude of her surroundings, Judy transmits her values and the right balance to make your day.

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"I grew up in Australia, where my family taught me the fundamentals of a balanced lifestyle: good food, lots of sport and joy. I began studying human sciences and naturopathy in Australia, then obtained my naturopath diploma in Paris, followed a few years later by my diploma in micronutrition.


The people around me, my travels and the birth of my three children have enriched my practice, my passion for my profession and my desire to pass on the importance of an Ecological awareness in the way we consume and eat.


The Qualitative philosophy was born: an approach in which we choose what is good for ourselves, others and the planet. To share this holistic vision, I opened Judy (my mom's first name) in 2016, a Qualitarian canteen where I work with the chef to create a homemade menu of dishes made with unprocessed food from organic, local and bio-dynamic agriculture.


Judy's cuisine is inclusive. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, there's something for everyone on a vegetable-rich plate. Ketogenic, paleo, sugar-free diets, etc. are expressed in a diversity of dishes that are good for our health and good for everything."

-DOMINIQUE GASSIN, Founder of Judy -

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