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« Être qualitarien, 

 c’est adopter en pleine conscience 

 un mode de vie 

 qui serait bon pour soi, 

 son corps et son esprit, 

 tout en respectant les autres et la planète. » 

We are qualitarian

Australian naturopath Dominique Gassin and founder of Yellow, has worked closely with Judy to create a menu that respects the qualitarian philosophy.

The quality of the dishes, the simplicity and freshness of the produce and the tranquility of the space will leave you feeling rebalanced and reenergised for the great day that awaits you. 

Cold pressed juices

Our fruit and vegetable juices are cold-pressed everyday using our hydraulic press.

The cold- pressed juicing technique helps maintain all the precious enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the organic produce we use here at Judy.

Including cold-pressed juices in our diet helps us to stay in good health. Whether you take your juice as part of a cleanse, at the beginning of your meal or just for pleasure, cold-pressed juices are great for digestion and a real boost for our immune system. 

The cleanse

by Judy

The cleanse by Judy, purifies, remineralizes

and gives energy to your body

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We are free

We are free to choose what we eat!

Here at Judy, we offer a variety of dishes packed

with flavour.

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore,

you'll be sure to find something delicious and healthy adapted to your lifestyle.

Our culinary consultant has concocted nutritional, energizing, seasonal recipes free from gluten, lactose, additives or refined sugar that are delicious

and good for you.

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Organic & home made mylk

almond & cashew

Our organic almond & cashew mylks,

are cold pressed every morning

to accompany your hot drinks, granola, smoothies & your purchase 


They are very rich in

antioxidants and minerals

and will help kick start your day. 

Homemade & gluten-free bread
with seeds

At Judy, we claim our Quality approach, because we love you ! 


Aussie and also Parisians, what would Judy be without a loaf of gluten-free bread & made only with good products ? 

Come and discover our delicious homemade bread with gluten-free seeds available at Judy Market to treat yourself at home whether toasted or not, savory or sweet, for breakfast, lunch & dinner.


Speciality Coffee

At Judy, we're always looking out for what's best for you. So, it was only natural that we select

the best specialty coffee from Coutume

Combine a great bean with our trained baristas working on our Synesso machine and you've got one fabulous coffee, V60, Chemex, Latte ...

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